August 20, 2020 Sarah Edmondston


Design helping and inspiring people through Covid 19 Pandemic

design in a pandemic

Design has always been part of our daily lives and being creatives we are always looking around for inspiration. Our environment has certainly changed and design is not only being used as an essential tool to keep us safe but also to spread positivity.

An article by Victoria Turk featured in wired magazine talks about the rise in the use of QR codes. This is due to restaurants and hotels turning to technology to deliver a dine-in experience that is as touch-free as possible. She discusses how the QR code was previously dismissed as largely a marketing gimmick, at least in a consumer context and now they are being used as part of the track and trace system.

Its amazing that design can be used in such important ways and we are looking forward to seeing how we can use this technology in our future designs.

But also amongst the warnings, rules and regulations signs when we spot a colourful creation by a street artist, a positive print or iconic rainbow display in a window it lifts our spirits. In these strange times when many creative events and venues are closed these designs are just as important.

Read the full Wired article here


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